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10000 3x5

The “10,000 3×5” project is now over 7% done (that’s over 700 drawings). Check out the latest drawings here. Many still available. Operators are standing by.

New animation up at True/Slant, featuring actual, mind-boggling audio from Fox & Friends yesterday. You can watch it here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the live Scott Bateman Animation Show in New York Thursday night. We had a full house, and we learned that the #1 problem with health care in America is Hilary Swank.

Here’s the panel, after the show:

Scott Bateman Animation Show, July 09

Scott Bateman Animation Show, July '09

From left: Janeane Garofalo, Jamie Kilstein, Pete Holmes, myself.

Tentatively, I think I’ll be doing the show again in mid-September with an all-new panel. Stay tuned.

Actual audio! The animation is here, at True/Slant.

I’ve got a new animation up at True/Slant, featuring actual audio of Glenn Beck on AL Franken. It’s here.


And if you’re in New York City, I’m doing another LIVE Scott Bateman Animation Show tomorrow night. I screen my recent news-oriented animations and discuss them with a panel of comedians.

Live, in-person guests:
Janeane Garofalo!
Pete Holmes (various VH-1 talking head shows)
Jamie Kilstein (HuffPo, the BBC)

Scott Bateman Animation Show
Thursday, July 2 9:30 PM
The Peoples Improv Theater
154 W. 29th Street, NYC

Advance tickets (recommended) here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Actual audio from MSNBC over the weekend. Pat Buchanan really brings Teh Crazy! See it here.

See, Rush Limbaugh has a theory about Mark Sanford’s infidelity: it’s Obama’s fault! Actual audio from his radio show yesterday.

See the animation here.