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Sheena is a punk rocker now.
Carla thought it would be more like "Space Chimps."
Due to the lower gravity, Rocky finds it less satisfying to fling his poo on the moon. The other monkeys have time to step out of the way.

I’m currently taking a comedy sketch writing workshop with Kevin Allison from The State, which reminded me that I had done this animation with him last year which I kind of adore, although I have no idea how funny it is for people who weren’t actually there. It does make you curious about the show a little, right…?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Iris is slowly forgetting all the sign language she learned in that lab at Stanford.
Arthur arrived on the moon and immediately missed mangoes.

Atom Age Vampire

1. I’m screening my first feature film (and doing a Q&A, because there WILL be questions) on Wednesday, May 13 at 8PM at one of New York City’s coolest venues, 92YTribeca. This is going to be huge fun for everybody. Tickets and info, here!

2. The DVD is at DiscMakers even as we speak, so if you pre-order now (or have already pre-ordered) the DVD will ship around May 11. Pre-order several copies for all your cool-ass friends, here.

3. Jenn Vix has given her official okey-dokey to use her new single “Vampires” over the end credits of Atom Age Vampire! Back in January, I directed the music video for “Vampires,” which you can see here.

4. There may be film festival news soon. My fingers and toes are crossed. I’ll keep you posted.

Mona was the 34th monkey on the moon, but the first to adapt to life without oxygen. She still sometimes dreams at night about breathing.
Bongo was the first monkey on the moon. He liked it, so he stayed. Unfortunately, he was unable to survive without oxygen, food or water.

300 of 10,000 drawings are complete. Check out the new stuff.