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Actual audio from MSNBC over the weekend. Pat Buchanan really brings Teh Crazy! See it here.


See, Rush Limbaugh has a theory about Mark Sanford’s infidelity: it’s Obama’s fault! Actual audio from his radio show yesterday.

See the animation here.

10000 3x5

The “10,000 3×5” project is over 6% done–that’s over 600 drawings.

See them all here.

Actual audio from today’s press conference. Check it out at my True/Slant page!

This week’s animation!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s actual audio of Sen. Lindsey Graham, talking about Iraq, and it’s here.

Bookmark my True/Slant page today!

Actual audio of John McCain (remember him?) on CNN.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I did an animation of actual audio of GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley making a weird, contradictory argument against “the public option” in the health care debate. You can see it here.

If you can’t see it there (True/Slant’s still in beta, and video embedding is highly wiggy at the moment), then see it here, instead.

New animation up at Salon tomorrow morning!

I’m now a contributor to True/Slant, which is a new Huffington Post-style site with the important difference being that they actually pay their contributors (as opposed to the Huffington Post model, which appears to be, “blog for free, hope to Hell you get a book deal”).

Anyway: my True/Slant page is here:

I hope to update it with new animations at least twice a week for now, so check back at the above link or watch here or my Twitter feed for updates (lots of other bonus fun happening on my Twitter these days–don’t miss out!).

My first animation went up this morning; it’s already being featured on the front page of the site. Wow!

I’ll be continuing to do an animation every Tuesday for as well.

Actual audio from his radio show. Thanks to

Vodpod videos no longer available.