1. Bobby Bird, lead shouting.
2. Herman Bird, rhythm shouting.
3. Nellie Jones, funky drummer.
4. Thumbs McCoy, bass.
5. Big Toes Tyson, foot bass.
6. Arthur Richardson, not-so-funky drummer (fired after one performance).
7. Sir Reginald Oglesby-Smythe, oboe.
8. The Artist Formerly Known As Trombone Larry, tambourine.
9. Elvin Johnson, the man who comes in and does the popcorn.
10. Big Sam Teeter, funky triangle.
11. Frankie Maravich, accordian (during James Brown’s brief polka period in 1968).
12. Scott McInerney, brand new bagpipe.
13. Jivin’ Jack Jenkins, funky whistler.
14. Large Larry Wilkinson, air guitar.
15. Norton Jones, drum machine.
16. George Jones, sex machine.
17. Slim Whitman, funky yodeler.