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Coco knew nothing about the moon before arriving on its craggy surface, so was completely unprepared for a sky blacker than any black she had ever seen on Earth. The sleepless nights spent staring up at the vast blackness eventually drove Coco mad, and she spent her final days flinging blue paint toward the sky, hoping like Hell that some of it would stick.

Bartholomew founded a settlement near Zinner crater that worshipped the orangutan from “Dunston Checks In.” The community was thrown into chaos when it was pointed out that a) orangutans are not technically monkeys, but great apes, and b) “Dunston Checks In” is really not a very good movie.
Allan H. quickly became the richest monkey on the moon by bringing over 500 bananas with him. But the banana economy soon collapsed when a highly motivated band of Panamanian night monkeys broke into his high-security banana warehouse and ate his fortune. Allan H. now lives in relative squalor and anonymity near the terminator line.
Doug wishes he’d brought that suitcase full of larvae now.