Atom Age Vampire

1. I’m screening my first feature film (and doing a Q&A, because there WILL be questions) on Wednesday, May 13 at 8PM at one of New York City’s coolest venues, 92YTribeca. This is going to be huge fun for everybody. Tickets and info, here!

2. The DVD is at DiscMakers even as we speak, so if you pre-order now (or have already pre-ordered) the DVD will ship around May 11. Pre-order several copies for all your cool-ass friends, here.

3. Jenn Vix has given her official okey-dokey to use her new single “Vampires” over the end credits of Atom Age Vampire! Back in January, I directed the music video for “Vampires,” which you can see here.

4. There may be film festival news soon. My fingers and toes are crossed. I’ll keep you posted.