Atom Age Vampire

I’m very nearly done with Atom Age Vampire! I passed the 66-minute mark today, and am only one 3-1/2 minute scene from finishing the animation. Wow.

Of course, finishing the animation does not mean finishing the movie. I still need to find, capture and drop in a live-action scene (which, like the movie itself, is public domain). Then there’s converting everything to uncompressed QuickTime files and editing it all together into one giant whole in iMovie. Then, someday: credits. Then raising the money for an initial print run of 1000 DVDs, designing the packaging, getting them printed, and then trying to get the movie out into The World by submitting it to film festivals and stuff. Basically, there’s a very good chance I’ll be working on something AAV-related nearly daily all year. Yay!

And but so: you can help support this project and its artist (and get your name in the credits!) by pre-ordering the DVD, here. And if you’re in New York, it would be 14 kinds of awesome to see you at the first screening on Thursday, January 29–advance tickets (recommended, as the venue only seats 50-60) are here.

And but so: so very close now!