Me, stretching.

And but so:

  • Sadly, I’m still writing “1992” on my checks. I need real help!

What’s going on in Bateman World? Glad you asked!

  • My first feature film, Atom Age Vampire is cruising right along–I reached the 58-minute mark today, with only about 18 minutes or so to go. Wow!
  • This means I’m in great shape to finish the movie by the time of its premiere, which is generally a good thing in the movie world I hear.
  • The premiere (officially, a “work-in-progress screening”) will be:

    Thursday, January 29/9:30 PM
    FIVE BUCKS (wow!)
    The Peoples Improv Theater
    154 West 29th Street
    New York, NY

  • I strongly advise buying advance tickets, here, as ASAP as possible. Just sayin’
  • Also just sayin’: Atom Age Vampire has a distinctly PG-13 look and feel to it, so be careful with the impressionable young ones.
  • Also: watch a clip of the opening scene! Sadly, YouTube added some Blur Juice to it, but soon I’ll put this and another clip from the movie up on Vimeo, which has much better video quality.
  • Also: DVDs!
  • You can pre-order Atom Age Vampire at the official Atom Age Vampire site.
  • People who pre-order can get their name in the credits, but only for another few weeks or so. So pre-order now and get your name on the silver screen!
  • Also: lots of new 10,000 3×5 drawings have gone up! As always, if you want one, email me at scott at batemanimation dot com.

Next week: back to my weekly gig. Yay! This is going to be the craziest 2009 ever.