…in slightly more than 140 letters. I mean, I love Facebook, but sometimes you need to stretch it out.

  • I started production on a music video for Jenn Vix last night.
  • For the video, I’m learning how to rotoscope. In Flash. It’s not all that hard, actually. Time-consuming, but not so tough.
  • MTV contacted me about using one of my animations using actual audio of Speidi (that’s Spencer & Heidi) from “The Hills” for a “Hills” parody special that they are literally throwing together even as we speak; I said “okeydoke” and I’m told it will air Saturday, December 13 at 2PM. Prime time…?
  • Official tally of the number of “Atom Age Vampire” DVDs I’ve pre-sold: zero. Yay, bad economy!
  • And but so become the first to get your name in my film’s credits by pre-ordering “Atom Age Vampire” on DVD today.