First: here it is, the opening scene to my first feature film, Atom Age Vampire!

Second: I’m taking pre-orders for my feature film debut, Atom Age Vampire. Right NOW!

For $15, you’ll get the DVD, professionally printed and in a nice, eco-friendly slipcase.

For $50, you’ll get an autographed DVD, an autographed copy of my book (Scott Bateman’s Sketchbook of Secrets & Shame), an original drawing AND I’LL PUT YOUR NAME IN THE CREDITS. Whoa!

Why am I offering this now? Essentially, I need to raise $2000 as ASAP as possible to do an initial run of 1000 DVDs, and then I’ll use what’s left to submit Atom Age Vampire to film festivals.

All money goes directly to support the artist–there’s no evil corporate middleman! Yay!

AND PLEASE: even if you can’t buy the DVD right now (I know it’s rough out there), please tell a few of your friends to at least check out the movie’s web site. It’s a vampire movie, and vampires LOVE word of mouth, right? This is essentially a parody of a bad old horror film, so if you like bad 1950s sci-fi movies, or Mystery Science Theater, then this movie is for you. PLEASE tell your friends.

That site again: